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NPH Medicinary & Shop


15 minute intro consults 

Welcome to our herbal dispensary both online and real life!  Would you like to learn how naturopathy can help you? Need a quick natural solution to boost energy, relieve stress, assist with sleep, or travel wellness?  Every Wednesday we are open to the public to offer short 15 minute acute care intro Naturopathic consults to assist you with simple natural symptom relief and lifestyle suggestions.  If I think your health issue is more complex and needs more time then we can schedule a full appointment on the day.  Give us a little notice by booking in 15 minute Wednesdays here: 

To be Available from the NPH Dispensary:

  • Try one of our herbal tea blends, tonics,

skin creams or even a customised

Bach essence to help get you

through the week.

  • Pharmaceutical grade prescription
    only supplements

  • Collagen powders for joint and digestion health

  • Pea-Protein Powders

  • Digestive Enzymes for better nutrition absorption​

  • Tissue Salts & Celluloids

  • Acute injury Homeopathic remedies

  • Homeopathic Travel first aid kits 

  • Tea Strategy ~ Organic Herbal Tea Blends 

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