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BioCompatible Foods Testing

Healthy Diet



OPTION 1:   Includes the food lab test, comprehensive compatible foods report, diet diary and a free online review consult. Purchase today and instructions will be sent to you via a download link. Cost: $335

Option 2: Book a 1 hour consult ($135) to discuss a wholistic approach to your specific conditions aiming to find the main cause then add the food test at a discounted price as part of the treatment plan. 

"Supported with 30 years of research & development by natural health practitioners"

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Cell Regeneration Chart - magnify over this image to see how you can help regenerate your cells in a healthier way.
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Discover your best foods


Example report pages

Feeling like there are some foods that just aren't right for you? 


Let's find out which ones!  


The physiology of our body -- even all the way to the cellular level, can respond to a food we eat creating inflammation or immune imbalances leading to uncomfortable symptoms.  We are so busy with managing our everyday lives that we don't even realise that the cause behind those symptoms could be from what we are eating!

Help your body know its best nutrition with the

BioCompatibility 500 Foods and Household Items Test. Available for adults of all ages, children, babies and pets.


How does it work?


This is a simple test done in your own home or in our clinic where we take a a small hair sample and send it off to the lab.  The test will compare the interaction of its cellular footprint to the synergistic makeup of over 600 foods, household  and personal care items to determine the individualised compatibility to you.  A report is generated and you will then be notified when it is ready schedule a time to discuss with me on how to incorporate your personalised food list into your diet.  








In addition to your compatible foods list the report also includes tracking sheets so you can check your progress every 4 weeks.  Best results come through a commitment to your compatible foods and through working together on your health goal.  


Symptoms we have seen it address


We offer this test to every client that walks in the door because we have seen good results from knowing the results. We believe nutrition is the first place to start with any health imbalance so this allows you to pinpoint what's best for you.


Client results I've seen a reduction in : 

- children's eczema

- adult skin conditions

- body aches and pains

- irritable bowel

- bloating

- diarrhoea

- sadness and imbalanced mental health

- inability to relax

- fatigue and tiredness

- sleep issues

- excess mucous - continuous postnasal drip

- and more as each person has their own individual symptom makeup


When you eat only from your compatible foods list your are giving your cells a break from the challenge of having to deal with inferior foods each day. Our body cells regenerate on an average from  2 days, 6 weeks to 6 months. So doesn't it make sense to allow them to regenerate  in a pure healthy way without exposing them to incompatible foods? This is why imbalances improve.


How to get started

You can choose to take only the test which includes a free online report consult review.  Or.  You can have a more detailed full 1 hour discovery consult where we assess your symptoms and incorporate this test and possible other functional testing as part of your wholistic wellness plan.

See program options to the left for pricing and programs


Wishing you the best with regenerating a healthier you!


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