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Offering you an effective plant based Hand & Surface Sanitiser combined.


Contains -  *no alcohol * no phosphates, *no heavy metals, *no chlorine, *no PVC, *packaged environmentally, * long lasting as a little goes a long way, *non-drying feel on the hands, *very low subtle smell


Unique that it creates a protective skin barrier for up to 24 hours after use. We have also found it effective to protect from contact dermatitis. 


Comes in the bulk 5 ltr amount to be dispensed and shared around for each staff member. 


TGA certified to remove %99.9999 of bacteria and viruses. 


Note: Bulk liquid amounts will need to be dispensed into your own small spray bottle for convenient use and transport.


Some of the ingredients include a proprietary antimicrobrial Cationic / Non-ionic surfactant blend including plant-based surfactants derived from coconut oil; Mineral salt solution, Filtered water, coconut & pineapple essential oil.  (Note: not recommended if you have a sensitivity to pineapple although very unlikely)


Other bulk sizes available in 1L, 20L and 1000L

Hand and Surface Sanitiser various sizes

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