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Optimal Range Pathology Interpretation

A New Look at your Pathology

Scientist on Computer

Still feel like something's not right even though your GP said all your blood test results are normal?

Let's have another look from a naturopathic perspective. 


Blood test reference ranges are the numbers listed on the right side of your results sheet that your GP will compare from to determine if there is something wrong and if you need to be treated.  When your result fit in that range then you are considered normal even though you might be having symptoms.

At NPH we use Optimal Ranges based on Healthy People instead of Lab reference ranges based on statistical averages which may include Unhealthy people.

When looking at your health we want to compare your results from reference ranges for optimal health. These Optimal Ranges come from published studies, courses, pathology textbooks and functional medicine doctor mentors who are pioneers in the field of optimal health pathology.

Assessing Nutritional balance and Organ Function health is our main targets when interpreting your pathology.  Some markers that are often mentioned as normal but when compared to optimal ranges will show imbalances.


Vitamin D,

B12 status

Natural thyroid health perspectives

liver function,

white blood cells and immunity status.

parasites status

real anaemia status

nutritional deficiencies that may be causing symptoms

cholesterol markers interpretation

and more ...

Price: $75.00 including a personalised analysis report and interpretation meeting.


How to get started?

1. Add the Opti-Pathology Analysis to your cart and pay for the service

2. Ask your GP for a copy of your pathology results and then email them to

3. Alternatively you can pay directly for a private pathology test of which I can organise for you.

4. Book your interpretation meeting below via in person or online

5. At or Before your appointment you will receive your report for us to walk through together.

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