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Nutritional Counselling 

Food can be your medicine

We all try and eat well ​but sometimes a busy life makes it too hard and  we lose our way.  Has your GP asked you to have a healthier diet? Do you want to be preventative so you don't head toward dis-ease? Learn to use your food as medicine to assist yourself in improving health balance.


Let us help you analyse your nutrition from a holistic perspective and design a guidelines that are right for you with:


  • Full nutritional and supplemental review

  • Food Sensitivity (IGG) & Compatibility testing

  • Meal Diary tracking to include energy & mood

  • Preventative diets for pre hypertension, diabetes, cholesterol, mental health, inflammation & more

  • Personalised diet plans available

  • Mindful eating tips

  • Tips for kids

  • Using your food as medicine

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