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Discover the best foods for your body.

Feeling like there are some foods that just aren't right for you? 


A simple test done in your own home or clinic where we take a a small hair sample and send it off to the lab.  The test will compare and interact it;s cellular footprint to the synergy makeup of each food to determine the individualised compatibility to you.  A report is generated and you will then be notified when it is ready to review and discuss with your practitioner on how to incorporate your personalised food list into your diet. 


The physiology of our body -- even all the way down to the cellular layer, can respond to a food we eat creating uncomfortable symptoms.  


Client symptom results I've seen from eating the foods on their individualise food list 


  • ​- children's eczema
  • - skin conditions
  • - fatique and low energy
  • - body aches and pains
  • - irritable bowel
  • - bloating
  • - diarrhoea
  • - sadness and imbalanced mental health
  • - inability to relax
  • - sleep issues
  • - excess mucous - continuous postnasal drip
  • - and more as each person has their own individual symptom makeup



More info can be found on this page:

BioCompatible Foods & Household Items Test

  • - Downloadable link to e-instructions for taking the hair test and sending it to our clinic.

    - A report emailed to you listing over 600 foods, household and personal care items that your body is compatible and not compatible with.

    - An free online or in person consult with our naturopath to review your report together and answer ideas you may have.

    After you purchase your test then kindly expect a link in your email to download the Instructions Guide.  This will include a description of the Test along with step by step instructions to taking the hair sample and sending it on.  Once we receive your hair sample it will be processed and you will be notified with a link to make an appointment for a free online consult on the test results.  Feel free to contact us with any questions.  - 

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