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Cassandra Ledger

ADip Nat, ADip Nut Sci, ADip HerbMed, ADip BioChemTh, CertIV Kin,
Reiki 2, MANTA, BSc IT Business  

About Cassandra ~ Integrative Naturopath

Through evidence based academic study and many years of working with wonderful like minded people in the natural health industry of both US and Australia, Cassandra has always had a keen interest in natural and integrative ways of staying healthy.  She truly believes there are many approaches in medicine, including complementary and mainstream that can work together to achieve success in conquering health imbalance and chronic disease.  

Previously coming from a career in publishing, advertising, computer programming and web development she has found her analysis skills apply quite well in assessing the wellbeing and imbalances of human health of which she can now apply as an Australian Integrative Naturopath. 

Listening to YOU

As a naturopath her goal is to listen, document and analyse a person’s health from a 360-degree holistic perspective discovering how their physical self, mental self, emotional self and energy all tie together. Taking this information and defining a timeline she works with you to identify the cause of your symptoms so a personlised treatment plan can be put in place. Also working in collaboration with other practitioners if needed such as your GP, Physio or Counsellor provides a valuable health team for you to achieve your wellness goals.

Life on the land and seen it all

Living and raising a family in a rural property for many years Cassandra has experienced the character building challenges of
"life on the land” making her well equipped in helping others in the unique health concerns of small town and country living.  The biggest thing she has learned is that you are in charge of how you let experiences affect your “self” and things will always get better ~ just believe it! 


But even so, those experiences can wear your health down a bit if you don’t nip things in the bud so take that step to find support with a qualified professional practitioner that you can trust. 


Cassandra aims to be that person for you.

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