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Resolve Kinesiology

Uncover Your True Self

Are you stuck?  Doing the same thing over and over and just can't move on? Feeling really out of whack?


Let's do a Kinesiology balance and drill down through the layers of subconscious patterns and behaviours, ask why, and resolve the issues so your body doesn't have to react to it anymore so you can feel like The Real You Again. 


Resolve Kinesiology uses genetic based references to check stresses behind mental, emotional, physical and energy meridian imbalances. Using the art of muscle testing activated through cues by your nervous system we work together to discover any patterns, triggers, flight fight experiences, traumas and conflicts that are stopping you from enjoying your optimal wellbeing.


What does that all mean?


Well, from the day you are born you are writing your life story through good and bad experiences.  Some experiences are amazing and you learn a lot yet some experiences are confusing and you don't understand them.  It is these experiences we need to uncover, acknowledge and resolve to make sure the confusion or stress around them don't manifest into a negative way of life for you.  

What is a Resolve Kinesiology balance like? 


Here you simply lie fully clothed on a massage table, relax and let the practitioner muscle test through various genetic references and triggers to find stress points.  You can say as much or as little as you would like as we are working with your subconscious neurology which doesn't need to talk. After the awareness is identified the practitioner will offer a technique to train the subconscious to see the solution and reduce the patterning away from the imbalanced behaviour. All aiming to increase your inner vitality so you may express your full potential to the world.

Great for:

  • Relieving stress, worries, and traumas

  • Uncovering mental/emotional / meridian reasons behind physical problems and dis-ease

  • Resolving something that has "never been the same since" an experience you had in the past

  • Ultimate relaxation

  • Increasing energy

  • Feeling stuck in your healing and recuperation

  • Looking at things differently 

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