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Functional Testing

Sometimes to get to the bottom of an ailment we need more information from just symptoms alone. Here at NPH we can set you up with the following testing:

  • Food 500 Compatibility testing

  • IGG IGA food sensitivity testing

  • CDSA - Comprehensive stool analysis to discover digestion, yeast status and if there are any pathogens preventing you from healing

  • Thyroid Function

  • Female and Male Hormones

  • Basic Full Blood Counts (non medicare)

  • Inflammation, Immunity

  • Other's specific to your unique needs

A full perspective on health

Offering safe and effective natural treatment solutions to help you to resolve health imbalances or be preventative toward healthy ageing.


With our Naturopathy service we work together with you to discover a 360 degree perspective on the functioning of your body and recuperation potential aiming to uncover the unique causes behind your health concerns.  In a full interview we gather up the pieces of your health picture by asking questions about how you are doing from head to toe and inside and out in addition to how life is going for you in general.  In addition to this we may use various diagnosis tools such as physical exam, blood pressure checks, BMI, iris/tongue/nail/pulse analysis and functional pathology testing.

Utilising the healing potential of botanical and nutritional medicine, backed by research and clinical trials, along with lifestyle and diet ideas we will personalised a treatment plan specific for you. 

Our areas of interest:

  • General family health and wellbeing

  • Better sleep & relaxation

  • Body pain and inflammation

  • Optimising energy, mental clarity & reducing fatigue

  • Complementary dermatology for acne, eczema, psoriasis

  • Senior Citizen Natural Health

  • Ageing Well Strategies

  • Travelling overseas wellness

  • Imbalances of digestion and gut health, IBS, constipation, indigestion 

  • Women and Men’s hormonal health - Hypothyroid, Hyperthyroid, Hashimotos, PMS, Menstrual imbalance, Menopause, Prostate, Testosterone levels

  • Bladder / kidney support

  • Immunity – acute cold/ flu support

  • Depression and anxiety prevention

  • Executive and public speaking stress support

  • HSC student stress support

  • Farmer’s health

  • Getting through and recovery of natural disasters on the land, PTSD

  • Grief wellness of loss of a loved one or livestock

  • Metabolic conditions of high blood pressure, cholesterol, pre-diabetes support

  • Stubborn infections including viral,  bacterial - wounds, shingles, 

  • Parasite / pathogen discovery and treatment

  • Aging-Well support

  • Cancer journey support ~ nausea, mouth ulcers, wellbeing, immunity, radiation skin protection

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