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A perspective on celery juice ...

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

So I was asked the other day what I thought of celery juice and all the hype of it being a miracle cure.

Well, I think the hype is coming from the books by the Medical Medium (MM). I have actually read all his books and think he might have something there... Although he doesn't back his thoughts by research, but by the wisdom of the "Spirit" of which he has unique abilities to communicate with, his thoughts seem to have an essence of being in-line with scientific and traditional evidence of both botanical and nutritional medicine. So one has to wonder which comes first, advanced wisdom from Spirit or current medicinal and botanical science? :)

Celery  (Apium graveolens)- Yes, I’ve heard the hype. “They” (whether it be MM or others) are promoting the benefits long known about for many centuries by Western Herbal, Traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine and are making it popular to the masses. Celery leaf and the seed contain medicinal properties inherent to the plant make up that include the healing actions of inflammation lowering, anti-rheumatic (uric acid/ arthritis), antimicrobial, diuretic (increasing urination), breast milk enhancer, uterine stimulant, blood pressure regulator, nervous system relaxant, bitter/digestive bile enhancer and glucose balancing.   Any weight loss from consumption could be from the fact that celery extract/juice is a diuretic and works with the kidneys to make one urinate a lot thereby losing extra water weight. This weight would most likely come back without lifestyle and eating changes. There has also been theoretical research stating it could increase the speed of the thyroid function affecting hormonal and metabolic balance in the body.   

Medicinal Celery Seed Extract

It's all about the dosage

So as you see, celery can be used as a medicine to improve health.  In medicine it is good to know the exact dosage for the best monitored effectiveness. I have celery seed standardised extract in my natural dispensary to put in personalised herbal tonics for patients. But when condensed in a juice from an arbitrary size and amount of celery stalk, depending on the condition of the individual, you are getting a concentrated form with an unknown and unregulated dosage, let alone possibly spiking the blood sugar or sodium in the body.  Eating celery and the leaf in food or in a smoothie, with one or two stalks at a time is a gentle way to incorporate these benefits without worry.  

I”m sure a few shots of celery juice concentrate would be ok every now and then - it depends. For those with current conditions such as being on prescribed medication (especially diuretic non-potassium sparing type drugs), have thyroid conditions, low blood pressure, pregnant, on a low sodium diet, have kidney conditions -- a concentrated amount of celery juice daily may not be the best way to go without being under supervision.

Do you believe?

Do you believe in Spirit or intuition? Do you believe in science based research? My intuition - of which I've learned to trust over my many years - has taught me to marry the two together. When working with a patient's precious physical health, I lean toward the proven scientific evidence approach but if you have a feeling from somewhere and you can "feel it in your bones" then I believe intuition could also have merit.

The Medical Medium has his direct health information line to "Spirit" containing theoretical future medical knowledge about the real causes behind everyday dis-ease. I look forward to years to come to see if science makes the same discoveries and perhaps celery, leaf & seed are acknowledged in mainstream medicine as a standard pharmacological treatment for the benefit of all.

Here’s some research for the "science" perspective on Celery:

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